Underwater Pose

“Underwater Pose” Kilkenny Marble, carrara marble base

70 x 45 x 25cm (approx)

A  stylised swimmer, caught  in a tear-drop pose. All carved from one block of stone, the highly polished areas contrast with areas of unpolished stone.


Now sold

Underwater Pose is a Kilkenny Marble swimmer in a stylised, almost tear drop, pose. The figure looks still, balanced and calm. Polished Kilkenny marble is suitable for outdoor display BUT the polish will fade. Inquire via email to discuss a possible bronze cast of the sculpture if desired.

approx 70cm high, this piece would be idea in front of a large window, forever floating in your favorite view, or displayed against a plain light coloured wall. In either setting this sculpture will be a conversation piece or the subject of quiet contemplation.