• Snorkel, 2019 (photo by John Beasley

Irish limestone,  78x40x18cm

A snorkeler reaches the sea bed and once again arches towards the surface. This piece catches the deepest moment of the dive. The sculpture is balanced delicately, appearing to float gracefully through water.

Bronze limited edition available priced at €8600 (just 2 left)


LIMESTONE piece is sold, bronze available on request.

Snorkel portrays a man diving, just reaching the sea bed. Delicately balanced, the diver appears to float gracefully through water.

This piece is made from Irish limestone, with polished areas appearing darker.It is suitable for indoor or outdoor display.

Snorkel is 78 x 40 x 18 cm.

This piece is also available to order in limited edition bronze €7800  (only 2 left)

main Photograph by John Beasley